In many ways, Denmark is a cheap version of the UK.

There are… Dixon’s… and WHSmiths… and you can buy British brands at the supermarket, usually at cheaper prices than in the UK.

Don’t get me wrong, not everything is available, but there are a lot more available things than I would have guessed there would be, going in.

Also, the booze, like I said in my previous post, is ridiculously cheap for its quality. I could buy ONE glass of a more-or-less generic 12-year-old single malt scotch, here in Israel, for the price of 2 glasses of a nice limited edition single malt scotch AND a bottle of water, in Denmark.

Admittedly, the produce section might as well have been stocked with rubies and emeralds for what they wanted me to pay, and a simple fruit smoothie will set you back a month’s wages, but all in all, things are more or less priced as they would be here in Israel… and in some cases, much more cheaply.

And then there’s the people…

Everyone there is polite, speaks fluent English, and is marvelously helpful, which fits in nicely with how clean and lovely the city is.

Aarhus is also depressingly full of absolutely gorgeous blonde babes.


If Oxford was “hell for single women”, Aarhus is “hell for anyone who is remotely less attractive than a supermodel”.

Walking around Aarhus, I felt like an ogre.

Well… except that one evening when I went to the pub, and got all dolled up, and was then regarded by the pub-goers as rather exotic. People kept asking me where I was from and suggesting I was Italian or Spanish or something like that. That was fun. 🙂

All in all, though… I felt like an ogre, and couldn’t stop singing this song (even though it’s about Rotterdam… and the people in Aarhus are actually much nicer the ones in the song. Still… nearly everyone in Aarhus IS blonde, and nearly everyone IS beautiful, so yeah… there it is):

In any case, babes or not… I loved it. Yes, so their “cathedral” is a pathetic looking slightly-larger-than-a-normal-church church, and yes, I wouldn’t say the place is all that packed with cultural gems (They took us to their oldest church… BOOOOORING!), but the pub and the night life look wonderful, and the area around the city was pretty much the only place in the world that managed to evoke in me the desire to pack a tent and go hiking… so I genuinely think I’m in love.

I would DEFINITELY go back there, given half the chance.