It’s been two years since I put up this so-called blog, and in that time I don’t think I’ve had any visitors.

So, theoretically, I needn’t bother with it at all. Sense dictates that no one is interested and the whole thing is a failure.

However, I never really wrote any of this up as “a blog”. I originally only wrote it up because the FB “Notes” feature stopped working properly for about a year or so, and I had nowhere to write stuff when I went to Denmark, despite really wanting to.

It was meant as a repository, nothing more. Somewhere to put my thoughts.

I really see no reason for that to change. I’m not looking to acquire a readership, after all. I’m happy to have one, but I can’t say the lack of one will kill me.

So, I hereby declare this blog not a blog, but more or less a diary. A collection of letters to people which I have no intention of mailing.

If you’ve picked the lock and got here, good for you. Read on, if you like. You’re quite welcome.

But otherwise… *shrug*