I’m a 30-something woman of the female persuasion – educated, erudite, irascible, extrospective, opinionated, open-minded, often ontological, occasionally apoplectic, and, as you can see, one massive logophile with a deep-seated affection for any website that allows me to look up adjectives by what letter they begin with.

As to this blog, at its heart of hearts, it’s my own personal exercise in self-indulgence, the result of a grossly over-inflated sense of how interesting my life and views are, as well as an over-estimation of how eloquent my writing is.

I know… that definition could easily be applied to nearly every other blog out there, so I might as well have said “this blog is a blog”.

Still, I believe in letting people know what they are in for, so that it’s all nice and fair, and above board.







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